Lilly Piggies

You’ve heard the news, right? On April 19th. Lilly Pulitzer and Target team up to present a new line of clothing specifically made for Target. Now, I know some folks are livid about this partnership, but not me. In fact, to celebrate the collaboration, check out our brand-new Lilly Pulitzer salt-and-pepper shakers!


Summery, fun and colorful, this new line of shakers are available in tons of different patterns (if Lilly isn’t your thing). And coated with a water-proof finish, they are perfect in and out of the kitchen.


Order a Piggy for the Holidays!

It’s almost Holiday season! And that means the piggies are in full effect. I have so many new piggy patterns to exhibit, I am so excited to get them out to you guys. I am only in a couple of shows this season, so if you would like to visit the piggies in person, please check out the Where to Buy a Piggy section of this site.


Plus, you can always contact me to commission a piggy of your own for that special person, or yourself! Shoot me an email at to order your own Holiday Piggy TODAY.

PULP DC Tommrrow!

Did you know that Pulp DC has an artist series that promotes different, local artists twice a month?Pulp DC

The Artist Pop-Up shop series will run from now til November 9, the artists in the series range from Fine Art (i.e., painters/photographers) to jewelry –and everything between.   This series was created to help artist in the community gain greater presence by introducing them to our customers.

I’m so flattered and excited to be the featured artist TOMORROW in PULP DC’s artist series. Please swing by and visit. I’ll be there from 11 – 5 with a bunch of piggy awesomeness.

Pulp is located at: 1803 14th Street NW, Washington, DC 20009. Hope to see you there!


Super-heroes are all the rage these days – Superman, Spider-Man, Ironman. Notice the one thing these characters all have in common? They’re all dudes! Well, it’s time the ladies of the super-world take center stage. Let’s hear it for Xena, Wonderwoman and Chetara. And, if you throw a little villains in the mix, like The Wiked Witch, Cat Woman and Evil Lyn, you get one kick ass, girl power piggy bank.




See which super-heoines you recognize!

The Tiger Piggy

Using my cool, new Chiyogami paper, one of my new favorite piggies is this Tiger design. I love it not only because of the beautiful colors, but I really like what the Tiger symbolizes.


According to Japanese  culture, the Tiger symbolizes invincibility and strength. The symbol is also used ward off evil and traditionally given as a gift to newly married couples, as well as children who reach the age of puberty.

Those born under the sign of Tiger (1998, 1986, 1974, 1962, 1950, 1938, 1926, 1914) are typically loving, courageous and sensitive.

Do you know anyone who would like a Tiger piggy?